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10 Episodes of 'Real Talk with Zuby' You Should Listen To

On the 'Real Talk with Zuby' Podcast, I’m privileged to have guests on with all kinds of life experiences, expertise, and interesting stories. The podcast doesn’t focus on one specific topic, but I always aim to have authentic conversations with each guest.

If you’ve only listened to a few episodes of 'Real Talk with Zuby' or you’re new to the show, here is a sampling of episodes (sorted by topic) to get you started. This is by no means an exhaustive list nor the only people that talk about such topics on my podcast, but they’re a good representation.

On Fitness

Dan Go is a body transformation coach for entrepreneurs. In this episode, he shares his life story of going from being a 'screw up' to successful businessman, and the trials and tribulations he's overcome along the way.

On Race in America

Desi-Rae is a Youtuber, cultural commentator, and cryptocurrency enthusiast. We talk about cultural differences between Jamaica and the USA, identity politics, race, and being a free thinker in a society that actively discourages it.

On Gender Ideology

Dr. Debra Soh is a sex neuroscientist, the author of “The End of Gender,” and host of "The Dr. Debra Soh Podcast,” where she talks about the science of sex and politics. In this episode, we talk about the topic of gender/sex in today’s context and the activism that has come about from it.

On British Politics

William Clouston is the leader of the UK's Social Democratic Party (SDP). We discuss patriotism, challenging the two-party system, reconciling British history, race relations, and the importance of rebuilding the family unit.

On Crypto

Anthony 'Pomp' Pompliano is an American entrepreneur, investor, and host of 'The Pomp Podcast'. He is also one of the leading bullish voices on bitcoin and the future of finance. We discuss his personal story, having a fearless approach to life, putting your money where your mouth is, and why bitcoin will surpass $100,000.

On 'Wokeness'

James Lindsay is an American mathematician, author, and cultural critic. He has become a prominent voice in the debate around Critical Race Theory, and in this episode, he explains what “woke ideology” is and how to defeat it.

On Hip-Hop

YONAS is an independent hip-hop artist from New York City, who has sold tens of thousands of albums and achieved millions of streams online. We discuss his childhood, his music, cultural changes in hip-hop, and how he's found success as an independent rapper.

On Masculinity

King Randall is a native of Albany, GA. Seeing a need to help enhance and advance the lives of the young men in his community, he set out to take action to combat the high poverty and crime rates in his city.

On Feminism

Meghan Murphy is a Canadian writer and founder of the website and podcast 'Feminist Current'. We discuss the state of modern feminism, what a 'woman' is, finding allies in strange places, and how recent events have changed her view on some things.

On Free Speech

Konstantin Kisin is a stand-up comedian and co-host of the Triggernometry podcast. In this episode, we discuss growing up in the Soviet Union, immigration, free speech, and identity.

Happy listening! If you ever have an idea of who I should have on next, let me know on Twitter.

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