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An Overview of My Latest Album: 'Word of Zuby'

I released my latest album, ‘Word of Zuby’ worldwide on 13th August 2021.

With the help of my Kickstarter campaign, 643 of you pledged £75,885 to bring this project to life. Less than a week after the campaign began, the 'Word of Zuby' campaign became the highest-funded UK-based hip-hop project in Kickstarter history, and I couldn't have done it without you all!

The album features both UK and USA-based artists who all bring their own unique sound and personality to their track.

List of tracks - 'Word of Zuby'

1. Real

Lyric excerpt:

"My vision coming to fruition

Did it independent, didn't need their supervision"

Lyric excerpt:

When it moves, evil turns to the press

And when it brews, evil turns to the West

3. Moments (feat. YONAS)

Lyric excerpt:

The system's gonna crush you if you don't make the decisions

So I put my faith in God, I don't put faith in politicians

Lyric excerpt:

Shame and calling names the only thing you can invoke

But we can talk about the system if you really think you're 'woke'

5. Legacy (feat. Stephen Smitley & Eric July)

Lyric excerpt:

Spit for my lot from the East to the West

Till I'm old and I'm cold in a hole in the ground

Hit like a shot that's unleashed to the chest

Like an anchor at rest, man I'm holding it down

6. Underrated (feat. Mac Lethal & Shao Dow)

Lyric excerpt:

Now they say I'm controversial ‘cause my thinking too contrary

I'm the type to rock the purple ‘cause the black and grey is dreary

7. Hallelujah (feat. Bryson Gray)

Lyric excerpt:

Say that men are ‘toxic’ ‘cause they're trying to make us feminine

And lie to make us sick, so they can sell the cure as medicine

8. Live It Up (feat. Reverie)

Lyric Excerpt:

You could be blessed in the land of the sinner

If you give and invest in the man in the mirror

9. Breathe

Lyric excerpt:

Uh, there's a million ways to make it and a billion ways to try

A million ways to fake it, seven billion to align

10. No Lamborghini (feat. Tyrone & Warbz)

Lyric excerpt:

No Lamborghini, but they see me on a next hype

They want to be me, always gleaming, always dead right

11. Anarchy (feat. An0maly)

Lyric excerpt:

Try to seek truth but the world stays blinded

Hard to speak the truth when the world stays silent

12. Marvelous (feat. Ruslan)

Lyric excerpt:

I've got family, health, and wisdom, I could never be depressed

I'm a victor not a victim, I could never be oppressed

13. Only A Man

Lyric excerpt:

Never push hate ‘cause I'd rather do love

Think for myself, for the crowd I don't budge

'Word of Zuby' is available on all streaming platforms and for purchase at

Thank you for supporting me and supporting independent music.



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